Flea Control

Micropest Pest Control Sydney is a specialised flea removal and flea pest control company that provides a Sydney wide service. All our technicians have being in the pest control industry for over thirty five years and are honest, well presented, fully insured and licensed.

Flea Control Price List

Depending on the size of the house for a small additional fee, we can carry out one of our pest control treatments which will also address your spiders and cockroaches and a number of other common house hold pests.

The flea pest control treatment Cislin 25 we use is a quality German product made by Bayer and has being thoroughly tested over time.It is pet friendly, stainless, safe, rain-fast and environmentally friendly.



  1. The appropriate flea control method needs to be applied to your cat,dog or animal. Frontline or advantage are the most common and effective flea control treatments on the Australian market at the present time.
  2. Wash all the dog bedding with the appropriate flea control wash treatment.I use flea dog and horse shampoo.Make sure when you wash the bedding use a hot wash,after its dry put in the dryer on a high heat for thirty minutes.The high heat will kill and desiccate any of the remaining tenacious fleas.
  3. Pick up all the dog toys,dog bowls, children’s toys,bones,clothing,shoes or anything else that is easily removed from the lawns and internal floor areas.
  4. Vacuum and wash all floor services.
  5. Mow the lawns short.
  6. Allocate one room in the house where the dog is going to stay while the flea control treatment is carried out.This room will be the only room that will not be treated.The flea pest control treatment should only take approximately one hour to dry depending on the weather. Likewise take the dog or cat to the park for an hour.


The first thing you will notice about Micropest Pest Control Sydney is that our operators are always on time.The Micropest flea pest control technician will carry out a thorough inspection of your property eliminating any hazards or objects you may of left on the ground that you do not want treated.He will also discuss with you about any hot spots or concerns you may have about the  treatment.

Once everything is in order we can finally start to treat the fleas.The Micropest technician needs to treat all the floor surfaces inside and outside the house with a treatment called Cislin 25. Paying careful  attention to areas  where the animal sleeps and carpeted areas.

Cislin 25s active ingredient formulation is 25g/L deltamethrin, its insecticide group is a synthetic pyrethroid and it is a suspension concentrate. Cislin is made by Bayer Environmental Science and has proven to be a highly effective and safe flea control method over the last twenty years.

It is a safe, effective,water based, non staining , no odor, rain fast and uv light resistant cockroach pest control treatment.Areas of use. Domestic,commercial,industrial,and public buildings such as hospitals,barracks, private houses, storerooms, offices, ships, factories, shops and any external areas associated with such establishments.